Activated Calcium Peroxide Gel
Eure-Ca’s mild activated calcium gels eliminate or minimize pre-existing tooth hypersensitivity. Eure-Ca also helps to reduce white spots, harden soft spots and prevent the development of pre-carious lesions.

Benefits of Eure-Ca

Eure-Ca deposits mineral deep within the porosities of the teeth effectively block fluid flow and eliminating pre-existing reducing hypersensitivity in the teeth. The substantial deposits of apatite type mineral contribute to the wellbeing of teeth. This improvement of the teeth is permanent, subject to lifestyle.


  • Improve overall oral health/ increase calcium levels within the teeth
  • Reduce pre-existing dental hypersensitivity
  • Reduce post orthodontic soft spots/ white spots
  • Assist with caries prevention while wearing orthodontic device
  • Reduce caries in a xerostomia environment
  • Does not contain fluoride or potassium nitrate

How Eure-Ca Works

Eure-Ca is a very tooth friendly 9.5 pH two-part system that delivers activated calcium peroxide gel deep into incipient lesions and other porosities of the teeth. This activated calcium peroxide gel continuously releases prodigious amounts of calcium ions within the tooth structure.

The free calcium ions bind with the natural phosphates found within the tooth porosities and create hydroxyapatite type minerals throughout the teeth.

The new hydroxyapatite blocks fluid movement, the most common source of hypersensitivity. Eure-Ca also strengthens enamel and dentin.1

Incipient lesions in the teeth that were treated with Eure-Ca showed a significant increase in calcium mineral density (33,000 microgram/gram enamel mineral) as measured to clinically significant depths.2


Read the study showing the effectiveness of Activated Calcium Peroxide

Use of a Calcium Peroxide Whitening Agent for Remineralization and Recalcification of Incipient Lesions


How to apply Eure-Ca


Custom trays, post ortho trays, Nu Radiances’ warm and form trays and Insty wax trays all work. The tray based application allows for greater contact time and helps prevent the activated calcium gels from being washed away from the teeth.


Eure-Ca can be worn, in trays, for 30 – 60 minutes and achieve excellent results. However, one can wear the gel for a longer period of time or overnight giving the tooth additional calcium benefits and flexibility in the patient’s schedule and habits.


One dual syringe of Eure-Ca, about 4-6 dual arch applications, provides prodigious amounts of bioavailable calcium deep within the teeth. Typically, applying one dual barrel syringe of Eure-Ca gel twice per year help reduce tooth sensitivity on a semi-permanent, if not a permanent basis, as the teeth are strengthened.

Improve overall oral health/ increase calcium levels within the teeth                30 – 60 minutes or overnight

Reduce dental hypersensitivity                                                                                                  30 – 60 minutes or overnight

Reduce post orthodontic soft spots/ white spots                                                            Overnight with retainers

Caries prevention while wearing orthodontic device                                                   2 hours to overnight       

Once a day or as directed by your dentist



1. Brannstrom M: The hydrodynamic theory of dentinal pain: Sensation in preparation, caries and the dentinal crack syndrome. J Endod 12:453-457 1986

2. Novak E: Use of a calcium peroxide whitening agent for remineralization and recalcification of incipient lesions. J Clin Dent 18:126-130 2007

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