Light Cured Flowable Composite
FloComp-It is a lower viscosity flowable hybrid composite making it desirable for making shallow Class V restorations, repairing minor structural enamel defects, masking discoloration or bonding prefabricated veneers.
  • Equally efficient as a multi-purpose restorative and veneer cement.

  • High adhesive strength to etched enamel without bonding agents.

  • Superior aesthetics due to well balanced opacity and light reflectance.

  • Reduced oxygen inhibited layer contributes to the ease of finishing.

  • Excellent flow characteristics.

  •  May be cured with any dental curing instrument operating in the visible wavelength range.

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FloComp-It Starter Kit FloComp-It

FloComp-It Starter Kit

4.8g flowable restorative material (1.2g syringe of shade A2, B3, C3 and opaque), 20 prebent applica..

FloComp-It Refill Kit FloComp-It

FloComp-It Refill Kit

1 – 1.2g syringe of flowable restorative material, 5 prebent applicator tips and instructions...

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