The enamel therapy with calcium peroxide that hardens soft spots, reduces white spots and eliminates the major source of tooth sensitivity.
Eure-Ca infuses prodigious amounts of free calcium deeply into lesions and porosities of the teeth, making the teeth stronger, less porous and whiter. As Eura-Ca migrates into the enamel, it continuously releases, over several minutes, the calcium and whitening peroxides at an enamel-friendly pH of 9.5, forming apatite mineral and strengthening the enamel.

A take home, tray delivered, calcium peroxide based therapy for sensitive teeth, for porous teeth and for decalcified teeth.

  • Re-calcifies incipient lesions, eliminating soft spots and tooth sensitivity
  • Reduces and/or eliminates “white spots”
  • Whitens teeth

For post-orthodontic treatment; use Eure-Ca in the removable retainer every other night for optimal results. Eure-Ca can be worn for shorter times, as schedule dictates. For effective preventive measures provide a syringe after each cleaning. If “soft spots” are detected use one or two syringes.

How Eure-Ca Teeth Whitener Works

Incipient lesions in the enamel that were treated with Eure-Ca showed a significant increase in calcium mineral density (33,000 micrograms/gram enamel) when measured to significant depths.

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Eure-Ca 10 Syringe Pack Eure-Ca

Eure-Ca 10 Syringe Pack

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